Domain  Validated SSL

A  domain-validated SSL (DV SSL) certificate lets visitors verify that you own a domain, with the security of high-strength encryption.

DV SSL provides lower assurance than OV SSL  or EV SSL  because it doesn’t verify the identity of your organization.

However, the advantages are low price and speed – because no company validation is required, we can issue you a new DV SSL certificate in minutes, at minimal cost. This is a simple solution for offering visitors a safer website browsing experience.

*DV SSL starting @ $3.45 p/m

Features & Benefits

  • 2048-bit signatures and up to 256-bit encryption
  • CERTASSURE SSL has 99.9% browser ubiquity
  • Warranty backed up to $10,000
  •  First-class customer and technical support
  •  Free  unlimited server licensing
  • Free unlimited reissues
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

When to use DV SSL

DV  SSL doesn’t offer a suitable level of security for sites that prompt visitors to submit their details. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not perfectly suitable for a range of other purposes.

DV SSL is ideal for

  • blogs, to boost search rankings with SSL
  • information-based websites (as opposed to sites that support transactions)
  •  internal servers or mail servers
  • businesses with tight budgets

What do I need to order a DV SSL certificate?

You’ll need

  • a certificate signing request (CSR)
  • basic company and contact details
  • credit card, a PayPal account or a purchase order for payment (purchase order payments take 2 to 3 hours to be processed).

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