Multiple Domain SSL

CERTASSURE offers businesses trusted, affordable SSL security, with Unified Communications (UC) certificates each supporting a primary domain and up to three additional domains, and up to 99 Subject Alternative Names (SANs).

Compare SSL certificates for multiple domains

Depending on your needs, you may opt for either

Extended Validation SSL with UC/SAN (EV SAN)

Offers strong encryption and the greatest possible assurance, visually confirmed to website visitors via a green address bar in their browsers and the CERTASSURE trust seal. Ideal for ecommerce sites and other sites requiring a high degree of trust from visitors.

Organization Validated SSL with UC/SAN (OV SAN)

Provides strong encryption with validation of your company and domain names, visually confirmed to website visitors via the CERTASSURE trust seal.

Features of multi-domain SSL certificates

Use the chart to help you determine the multi-domain SSL certificate type that best suits your security requirements.

Features Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) with UC/SAN Organization Validated SSL (OV SSL) with UC/SAN
Buy Buy
Green Address Bar
CERTASSURE trust seal
128/256 bit encryption
2048 bit root keys
Validation Comprehensive validation of company registration and domains Less rigorous validation of company registration and domains
Suitable for ecommerce and banking sites
Secure unlimited sub-domains
Warranty Level Up to $1,750,000 Up to $250,000
99.9% Browser Ubiquity
Free Additional Server Licenses
Unlimited re-issuance
30 day, no questions, money back guarantee

Need to secure an unlimited or growing number of subdomains? A wildcard SSL certificate may best suit your needs.