CERTASSURE’s widely recognized trust seal provides web site visitors with visual confirmation that their transactions, information and activity on your site are safe and protected from prying eyes.

The trust seal is included for free with all our Organization Validated and Extended Validation SSL (OV SSL and EV SSL) certificates.

Why is a trust seal important?

The real-time identity assurance provided by a trust seal, along with an Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) green address bar, are key to establishing trust with your web site visitors.

Now more then ever, users consider visual security signs before making decisions to purchase or to engage with a target company. In a study by Actual Insights, 75.66% of respondents stated that trust logos have a direct impact on whether or not they trust a website.

The CERTASSURE trust seal is available as either a standard or corner seal. When you download your seal, you can choose the size and language most appropriate for your web site.

60.96% of website visitors do NOT purchase online if trust logos are missing.

Actual Insights Survey, Shopping Cart Abandonment: Trust Logos

75.66% of respondents say trust logos have a direct impact on whether or not they trusted a website. 

Actual Insights Survey, Shopping Cart Abandonment: Trust Logos

Standard seal

Ideal for inline design, the standard seal can be placed freely on any web page. It’s typically most effective in the bottom right corner of a web page or in the web site footer.

Standard Secured Seal


Corner seal

The corner seal has a floating design and will remain in a fixed position in the lower right corner of your web site.

How to get the CERTASSURE trust seal

To secure your web site and get the CERTASSURE trust seal, call us on 1.800.SSL.FIRE.