Monthly Subscription SSL for Enterprise

Deploying Monthly Subscription SSL for Enterprise eliminates the expense and challenge of managing token-based solutions.

Monthly Subscription SSL flexible pricing models includes:

  • Fixed monthly fees
  • The opportunity to increase your SSL requirements as your business scales
  • Pay-as-you-go with option of immediate cancellation
  • Zero cancellation fees
  • Access to all CERTASSURE SSL certificates
  • Use of ECM for simplified digital certificate lifecycle management

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Core Features

  • Multi-Certificate Types
    • High-Assurance and *Wildcard SSL
    • Domain Validated and Digital Code Signing
  • 3-years Expiration Period (Excluding EVSSL Certificates)
  • Unlimited Server licensing
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • Up to 100 domains & Sub-domains with UC/SAN SSL Certificates
  • EVSSL issuance upgrade at $89 (EVSSL limited to 2-year validity)
  • Easy package upgrades at no extra cost*
  • Cloud-Based On-Demand Certificate Management
  • Monthly Payment
  • Zero cancellation fees

Monthly Subscription Pricing



per month
  • 4 SSL Certificates
  • Covers 1 Domain Name



per month
  • 12 SSL Certificates
  • Covers 2 Domain Names



per month
  • 25 SSL Certificates
  • Covers 3 Domain Names



per month
  • 48 SSL Certificates
  • Covers 4 Domain Names

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