The Impact of Inefficient PKI Practices

Inefficient PKI practices can lead to devastating repercussions for any business. One missed SSL certificate renewal can lead to browser warning messages that deter website visitors from completing businesses critical transactions. Even worse, brand integrity is diminished as customer trust is quickly eroded.

Control – The Key to Enterprise PKI Management

At the heart of efficient PKI practices is control over all SSL, Code Signing and Email Certificates within your organization.

Complete control is:

  • Control over all certificates lifecycle functions
  • Quick and simple issuance
  • Easy reporting

Introducing Enterprise Certificate Manager

Simplified Enterprise SSL Management from CERTASSURE

CERTASSURE Inc.’s Enterprise Certificate Manager (ECM) brings together the best elements of efficient PKI management. Businesses are able to manage the all CERTASSURE certificates within one centralized console and perform functions that support their businesses.

Complete Control of Enterprise SSL 

Designed to support businesses with the need for more digital certificate flexibility and management capabilities, ECM provides a complete digital certificate solution with all the security, ease-of-use and functionality you need.

ECM Features & Benefits

Auto Discovery

See all certificates. Always.

Auto Discovery feature scans both internal and external networks producing a comprehensive report of all certificates from any SSL provider. You’ll be able to see:

  1. The location of each SSL certificate (on both internal and external networks)
  2. The name of the CA that issued each SSL certificate
  3. The date each SSL certificate is set to expire
  4. Whether any certificates suffer from weak keys (as of January 2014, keys must be 2048 bit or higher)

Scheduled scans can be repeated on a recurring basis ensuring thorough PKI management.

Quick, Easy and Cost-Effective

Flexible payment options.

Get discounts on CERTASSURE SSL certificates; enabling quick, easy and cost-effective fulfilment of multiple certificate requirements for distributed systems and personnel. Businesses have the option of Unlimited and Monthly Subscription SSL payment methods.

We also provide a free unlimited licensing model that saves businesses more money where load balancing is required.

Rapid Deployment

Fast, secure and customer-focused rollout.

Leveraging software-as-a-service architecture ECM Plus enables PKI management within hours of account activation. Certificates can be issued immediately through a secure web console, which enables network servers, users, applications, objects and devices to be secured in minutes rather than days.

Multiple Administrative Tiers

Easy user management.

ECM Plus allows authorized parties to add administrators to PKI accounts with little effort and streamlines the process of establishing specific control details and permissions for each administrator.

Automated Certificate Lifecycle Monitoring

Never miss a beat.

ECM Plus safeguards businesses from the interruptions associated with manual CA management. The “Important Messages” panel displays any certificate or server vulnerabilities. Your business will be able to track, monitor and renew certificates.

Intuitive Dashboard & Easy-to-use Interface

Simplified Certificate Management

ECM Plus features an intuitive dashboard that conveys key lifecycle information with a series of charts and graphs to make it easier to understand. Users can quickly view the lifecycle of all certificates and easily spot the highlighted items that require action. Moreover, the interface is based on simplistic user workflows, making certificate management as a matter of clicks.

Need Help?

Speak to our Enterprise Team about how ECM can help your business manage digital certificates with ease.

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Ideal for

  • IT Admins struggling to keep up with certificate lifecycle management
  • IT Admins that need to assign SSL admin rights in large businesses
  • Businesses with 25 or more SSL certificates
  • Businesses that need flexible payment models
  • Large businesses that need to implement and manage Always-On SSL efficiently