Online Business is Under Attack

Firesheep, Sidejacking, Malvertising and XSS Scripting are some of the threats that linger online, waiting to compromise websites and their visitor’s sensitive information. In today’s Internet of Things, online threats have the ability to render online businesses vulnerable, causing in financial loss, and even worse, a depreciation of consumer confidence and brand equity.

The Risk: Not Using HTTPS for all Website Interactions

Imagine locking the front door to your home but leaving the back door wide open. That is what happens when websites use SSL to protect only certain pages, like logins and transactions, however leave the rest unsecured. Securing checkout pages and login pages is no longer enough to protect your web visitors and business.

Create a Safe Web Experience for Visitors with Always-On SSL

Always-On SSL is methodology applied to create a safe website experience for all web visitors. Creating a safe web browsing experience with Always-On SSL in mind includes:

  1. Applying SSL certificates to the environment that serves your website(s). This includes load balancing servers and mobile websites.
  2. Redirecting all standard HTTP (unencrypted) website traffic to HTTPS (encrypted) web pages.

The use of highly trusted SSL certificates like Extended Validation SSL also provide an added confidence boost for website visitors concerned with the security of their private information from hackers, and whether a business will indeed meet the obligation set during the online transaction.

Always-On SSL in Action


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